What is the PCC 2000?

Your Pool Can Clean Itself With PCC 2000!

Paramount In-Floor cleaning and circulation systems work automatically, minimizing maintenance time and maximizing your time in the pool! Their patented pop-up cleaning jets are nearly invisible, so there are no unsightly robotic cleaning devices or hoses in the pool, and no lugging bulky devices out of the water every time you want to swim. Enjoy the clean, beautiful look of your pool, and put your free time to better use. With a Paramount In-floor cleaning and circulation system your pool will always be “swim-ready”. And, you get the added peace of mind that comes with our lifetime limited warranty on the cleaning jets.

Paramount understands the value of “Eco-Friendly” products, and in addition to providing automatic cleaning, In-Floor cleaning systems save on energy and chemical costs by more efficiently circulating your pool water. This helps prevent chemical evaporation by putting the chemicals where they are needed. It also keeps heated pools warm all over, and heats them faster. In-floor systems can extend your swimming season and save on energy and chemical costs for the life of your pool. An In-floor system makes your pool an “Eco-Pool!"

Paramount Pool and Spa Systems is the World’s #1 In-Floor Cleaning Systems Company with a history of innovation since 1964. An American manufacturer, with a pool building heritage, located in Chandler, Arizona, Paramount also offers Virginia Graeme Baker 2008 Compliant safety drains, water features and many other fine products.

Is the PCC 2000 system right for you? Find out by talking with us at Atkinson Pools & Spas, a Paramount Authorized Builder or by visiting their website.