Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Discover The Benefits Of A Fiberglass Pool

Fulfilling that lifelong dream, creating more quality family time, or simply adding a bit of luxury to your backyard, whatever the reason, you'll be delighted with an inground fiberglass pool.

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5 main areas to investigate before you purchase a fiberglass in-ground swimming pool.

1. What's the history of the company you're dealing with and who are the people involved in the company?

2. What materials are used in the pool manufacturing and what type of coating is on the pool?

3. What's the manufacturing process of the molds and what quality control measures are used in making a fiberglass pool?

4. What's the installation process?

5. What's the warranty or guarantee on materials and craftsmanship?


At Atkinson Pool & Spas, we have the finest Leisure Pool fiberglass swimming pools on offer. We took our time searching for a quality fiberglass pool producer so that our customers could get the best available product on the market at a competitive price. It is easy to customize your backyard oasis with the many styles and brilliant colors available from Leisure Pool. We strive to make pools affordable for families, and we offer financing if needed.

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What makes an Atkinson Pools inground fiberglass pool affordable?

Over 40% of your project is already manufactured in a factory environment. This greatly improves production efficiency and lowers your cost. Installation of a fiberglass pool is relatively simple, and typically takes significantly less time than vinyl or gunite (concrete) installations.


We realize you are going to have questions about building and owning a pool. If you would like to speak to a Leisure Pools specialist please call 843.881.3068 or send an inquiry today, a fiberglass inground pool expert will contact you as soon as possible.