roman pool

The Roman Style comes in three sizes to accommodate a range of uses and backyard sizes. It features broad entry steps at the shallow end with an optional spa seat and table at the deep end. Space inside the pool is maximized by the use of our unique narrow coping design.

  • Timeless Classic – If you were to pick one design that would always be in vogue it would be the Roman. The design has a timeless appeal that is simple, practical and elegant. The Roman style seemingly suits every situation.
  • Formal – The geometric shape unlocks opportunities for exciting landscaping. The semi-circular ends feature steps at the shallow end of the pool and a spa seat area at the deep end.
  • Mirror Reverse – You can place the Roman with the steps closest to your home or have the spa seat closer. Which ever way the pool faces it looks the same. If you add the optional spa jets, aeration, and a table then you have a truly versatile and enjoyable pool.
roman cutsheet