Why Leisure Pools?

tuscany poolLeisure Pools is one of the leading fiberglass pool producers in the world, with an enormous presence in the Australian pool market. We have worked with them for years and know their pools are of the highest quality, and that their staff are professional and caring. Bottom line, the pool you choose will meet the highest standards.

Pools manufactured by Leisure Pools are made with the finest materials available in the fiberglass and coatings industries. The process of applying the different material layers, including a steel sub-structure, ensures a rock solid base with the same properties as concrete, while remaining flexible. This helps prevent cracks and leaks, a common problem with concrete pools.

In addition to a solid base, the patented Aquaguard Gelcoat gives you a smooth surface and brilliant colors. Your pool will "WOW" everyone who sees it and you'll avoid many problems with algae, a common problem with porous concrete pools and seams in vinyl liners.

Quality control is ensured at every step with computer controlled application, repeated ultrasonic measurements, and a supervised manufacturing environment. With more than 30 years of experience in pool moving, we guarantee that your pool arrives perfectly.

Trained pool technicians oversee the installation, and make adjustments according to your location and soil type. They ensure your pool is level and at the right height during installation.

Add the coping and the landscaping, and you'll be swimming in no time. You won't have to wait months for a Leisure Pool installation: typical installation takes a few week.

Finally, with a Leisure Pool, you receive a Lifetime Structural Warranty and the best surface warranty in the swimming pool industry: 15 years protection. Leisure Pools will make your pool buying experience easy. Email us today or call 843.881.3068 to speak with an inground fiberglass pools expert.