Backyard Planning

Create a Backyard Paradise

Enjoy spa resort living in your own backyard! 

Whether you're simply adding a hot tub to your deck or planning a built-in design complete with hardscape and landscape, we can help.

Simple Facts about Hot Spring Spas:

  • Portable- Can be placed on decks, patios, cement patios,  even several stories tall.*
  • Energy Efficient- Costs less than $20 a month in electricity.
  • Always Ready- Spa water is kept at a programmed temperature 24 hrs a day.
  • Easy to Maintain & Safe for the family.
  • Our Company always does a pre-site inspection to ensure a problem free delivery.
  • Can be set on or in a deck patio.*

*Spa placement must following guidelines for safe and sturdy installations.

For More Installation and Planning Ideas visit HotSpring’s website.